The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery

DVD - 1998
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🚂 Excellent heist movie, where the interest is in the preparatory cons and robberies necessary to get the keys to the loot. Then, of course, the crushers take extra precautions, and it's necessary for our cracksmen to improvise solutions. Wonderful authentic Victorian slang and costumes. The depiction of a bloodthirsty crowd taunting the guest of honor at a public hanging of a woman at Newgate Prison is unnerving. (Indeed, the recent winner of the governorship of Mississippi, is on record saying she would be in the front row at a public hanging.) The realistic portrait of the casual brutality of the repressed Victorian period is quite revealing. The public hanging might as well be a carnival, seeing how much amusement the crass populace derives from it.

Another scene not for the squeamish, is a rat terrier killing actual sewer rats, for gamblers to bet on. This is not a movie where no animals were harmed! Fine performances by all, and spirited music by Jerry Goldsmith. Connery did some of his own stunts, which is why they look so real. The surround sound mix is quite effective on a modern audio system. Check it out!

Jun 27, 2018

I really enjoyed the 19th century criminal masterminds, and all the events that unfolded. Brilliant, witty, and well-acted by a stellar cast.

d2013 Oct 05, 2017

Terrific movie and super actors I must say!

Feb 23, 2016

"The Great Train Robbery", 1979, written by Michael Crichton, directed by Michael Crichton, starring Sean Connery with Donald Sutherland is a very visually and intellectually stimulating film. For 150 minutes the story continually moves and never bores for a moment. Read the book and you will enjoy it too.

jpozenel Jan 04, 2016

A very entertaining "caper" movie circa the 19th century. The stunts on the train didn't look as spectacular as green screen special effects, but they sure looked like they were real!

dxdh0lds123 Feb 16, 2015

This is a really good movie. Worth watching and spending your time. Connery is fantastic and Sutherland is too. WOW!

May 12, 2014

Hold on now! This movie is about a real criminal conspiracy, and we are lectured by the Pop Culture Media on a daily basis that everything is conspiracy theory, and conspiracies don't and have never existed? Great film and the book was quite good - - a real life criminal conspiracy by a criminal mastermind - - would have been a banker today, though.

Oct 04, 2011


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