A delightful production of the story of Pollyanna. I would think that kids old enough to watch movies like, 'Snowball Express' and 'The Love Bug' would be fine with this movie. The only part that might scare smaller ones would be when Pollyanna falls, which isn't too bad.

The movie is very light without throwing away the seriousness of sober scenes.

It did stray from some points in the book, but then most movies do. The actors and actresses were so convincing that I really didn't mind some of the detail changes. :) The only questionable part (for those who try to avoid it/don't want children hearing it their first few years) is the easy use of 'Oh my God' . Once the pastor even says it, but I can't tell whether it's an exclamation or a prayer.

But all in all this is a very excellent film; I would readily recommend it!

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