Solar Dance
Solar Dance Genius, Forgery, and the Crisis of Truth in the Modern Age By Eksteins, Modris Book - 2012

the author writes a book I think he doesn't quite deliver on, stressing that it's about "the Crisis of Truth in the Modern Age" is pushing it somewhat, "the Crisis of Authenticity" maybe would've been more accurate, it is the story of how, because of Van Gogh's unprecedented popularity, forgeries took root in the German art world, prompted by the destitution that followed the First World War and the need to eke out there any kind of even criminal living, and transformed artworks thereby, through reliance on the questionable evaluations of even eminent appraisers, into commercial products, people buying status instead of a work they foremost earlier loved, a long rambling coda ensues, after the central, and quite intriguing, court case, devolving into a long harangue about alleged late-Twentieth-Century social consequences, painted iwith too broad a brush to be anywhere near conclusive

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