The Whale Warrior
The Whale Warrior Pirate for the Sea DVD - 2009

In general this film is disturbing and hopeful at the same time, as it looks at the 30 year history of the Sea Shepherd Society.
It does feature some graphic images of the slaughter of whales, sharks and seals, but also features comments and interviews from friends and critics alike. Supporters such as Farley Mowat, Robert Hunter and actor Martin Sheen, along with critical comments from former Greenpeace president, Patrick Moore.
This film follows some of the accomplishments and failures on board with the Sea Shepherd Society members and Captain Paul Watson, as they deal with illegal poaching on the high seas and sometimes on land, through the courts.
The 20 minute + bonus speeches of Captain Paul Watson are worthy of the watch alone, as it does expand some of the speeches within the film.
You will hear some statements and observations that have been printed in the 2013 book, Captain Paul Watson: Interviews With a Pirate.
Well worth the time to watch.

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