The Midnight Assassin
The Midnight Assassin Panic, Scandal, and the Hunt for America's First Serial Killer By Hollandsworth, Skip Book - 2016

Got sucked into reading the book with its blurbs: "Serial Killer," "Midnight Assassins," "the Hunt" etc. I almost nodded off ... may be I did ... with all those nice to know history of Austin which was just turning into the capitol of Texas with a Texas size state house and a new university etc. but a serial killer murder thriller is not. Rather, just some collated reports of a hacker or hackers of Austinites. Should be tagged under "History of Austin" instead. 4 Stars for the people and culture of Austin back in the days and those nice historic photos inside the book (see examples in quotes.) But a negative 1.5 stars for bait and switch as a crime thriller.

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