The Midnight Assassin
The Midnight Assassin Panic, Scandal, and the Hunt for America's First Serial Killer By Hollandsworth, Skip Book - 2016

Howe mostly did patrol work, spending his shifts on the downtown streets, handing out tickets to citizens who left horses unhitched in front of businesses or who drove their carriages faster than a “slow trot.” He arrested vagrants, gun toters, sneak thieves (shoplifters), and moll buzzers (pickpockets who specialized in robbing women). He collared drunks who urinated in the alleys behind the saloons and prostitutes who wandered outside the boundaries of Guy Town, the city’s vice district in the southwest corner of downtown. One thing Howe did not do was investigate the four or five murders that occurred in Austin every year.
It was now June 6, 1887. After nearly two and a half years of investigations and dozens of arrests, not one...

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