Goldenhand An Old Kingdom Novel By Nix, Garth Book - 2016

I love Garth Nix, and I love his Abhorsen series. This book was a little bit of a disappointing ending to the series. The pace of the book was off - the beginning was comfortable and then in the last 100 pages everything happened so quickly and all the conflicts were tied up with a neat little bow in no time at all. It felt as though he had started the book at his usual pace, and then rushed to finish it because he simply wanted it to be over.

The story itself was fine. The plot was decent. But there was some issue with characters losing themselves. In this book you meet Ferin, a girl from far in the north sent by a witch to deliver a message to Lirael. And you follow her for quite a few chapters as she makes her journey to the Clayr's Glacier. I enjoyed learning more about her and her people, who were previously unexplored in the other books. But once her message is delivered, she becomes a background character who simply hangs around for the rest of the book. She felt discarded. And Lirael, after she arrives at the Clayr's Glacier, seems to become a different person as well. It was difficult to link her with the Lirael I had come to know and love from previous books.

I would suggest reading it if you have read the rest of the series - which is fantastic - but it was a disappointing last book to one of my favorite fantasy series.

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