Soul Healing Miracles
Soul Healing Miracles Ancient and New Sacred Wisdom, Knowledge, and Practical Techniques for Healing the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Bodies By Sha, Zhi Gang Book - 2013

never adumbrate for a resistant patient. I was doing this for a terminally ill cancer patient, mentioning how this book says one needs to touch a photograph included in the book, and she said' 'what do you do with your right hand?' skepticism leaked through her gaze, as I harrumphed, and said, ' I don't know, it says, in the book.' I am certain she will not gain any benefit from this book: her powerful ego will admit nothing she doesn't already agree with. ' Pity, ' as my great stepfather, Peter Hall, said, on the occasion of being disinvited from his eldest daughter's wedding. She judges the messenger, the interpreter, the translator, rather than the source of the wisdom. It's a good way to hang on to your individuality, also your cancer that surges to meet your food as it makes its way down your gullet. Her: ' I don't know much about single-cell beings. ' She needs to listen to IF YOU BELIEVE, and ISN'T IT A PITY, by George Harrison, who was a very highly evolved human, and an excellent songwriter.

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