Social peer Pressure:

I just haven't had time yet for extracurricular stuff.
-Wow. That's so interesting you put it that way. We actually see your profile
and the activity on it as integral to your participation here. This is how your coworkers, even the ones on the other side of campus, know who you are.
Communication certainly isn't extracurricular, right?
It's all connected. But you've had a blip or two when it comes to meshing with the community, like your absence at several weekend or evening events. Which are, of course, optional.
- I'm sorry?
Let's start with this weekend. You left campus at 11:42 p.m. on Friday and got back 8:46 a.m., Monday.
-Was there work on the weekend?
Oh, no, no! I didn't... I'm sorry. Oh, so sweet. There wasn't mandatory work
on the weekend. This isn't like a clock in, clock out type place, thank God!
But, you know, there were thousands of people here participating in a hundred different activities. ...

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