Three "BookShots" of very different genre 2 poor and one good read:

Moores are missing / James Patterson with Loren D. Estleman
2 Stars --- familiar story with some humor but not nearly enough ink to develop potentially interesting central characters.
***Thinking to stop reading this book***

The housewife / James Patterson with Sam Hawken
1.5 Stars --- familiar story and twist, dull characters and humorless. Schaum's guide for a full novel?
***Thinking hard to stop reading half way into this story***

Absolute zero / James Patterson with Ed Chatterton
4.5 Stars --- Love the one-man army Aussie's quest to avenge the murders of his friends by an American crime lord with his Russian mercenaries. The Aussie's killing and survival skills exhibited in London, Iceland and Vermont were spectacular. Some original hard-boil quotes from the accomplished British writer Chatterton.
***Lesson learned is not to touch "BookShots" again***

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