One Bowl Baking
One Bowl Baking Simple, From Scratch Recipes for Delicious Desserts By Ruperti, Yvonne Book - 2013

Does the thought of dirtying an inordinate amount of mixing bowls, baking 

implements and saucepans just to make one cake turn you off baking all together? Do you have a tiny kitchen with insufficient counter space for a mixer, a food processor, 

a mise en place of ingredients and a baking pan? Do you usually reach for store-bought ready-made cookie dough out of sheer ease? Now you can reach for "One Bowl Baking" instead. In fact, Yvonne Ruperti's new book will please everyone from the novice baker wanting to make an inaugural pan of brownies to the experienced one looking for an array of party-time treats.

As the title suggests, "One Bowl Baking" contains recipes that require only one bowl and the simplest of tools. Ruperti presents straightforward formulae (using both weight and volume measurements) that sacrifice neither texture nor flavour. And she includes an impressive variety of delicious-sounding treats from strawberry cheesecake muffins to toasted coconut lime bars to apple pudding cake. Classic chocolate chip cookies boast crispy edges and a chewy middle while the fudge walnut brownies turn out as fudgy as they sound. Some recipes don't even require a bowl: to make warm mix-in-a-mug chocolate cake, just mix, microwave and eat a one-serving dessert all in one mug!

This is not an artisanal baking book; you won't find wedding cakes, heritage breads or puff pastry recipes between its pages. You also won't find one glossy, full page photo per recipe (though adequate photos do accompany some recipes). But Ruperti does include fancier offerings such as Triple Chocolate Blackout Cake with Espresso Ganache and 

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust, both with the same easy mixing, baking and clean up process 

as in the rest of the book.

A useful addition to any home baker's shelf!

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