Star Wars
Star Wars Episode VIII, The Last Jedi Blu-ray Disc - 2018

Luke Skywalker is wholly and absurdly wasted on this Gargantuan Letdown of a film! His climactic battle COULD have been the redeeming factor of the new Trilogy AND the pitiful Jar Jar Binks years. They underestimated his Power. Kylo Ren is and always will be a wussy child unworthy of Sith Lord. Why was this lesson not learned with Hayden Christiansen??? I expected more from Rian Johnson, being fans of Brick and Looper, but he shouldn't be trusted with his own spin-off trilogy after this. And yes the storylines in Heir to the Empire and Jedi Academy books are way better than these weak battles of the Last 2 "Jedis".

Gemininja's rating:
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