Learning to Love You More was a project by Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July where they put assignments on a website for the general public to participate in. Over 8000 people submitted their work and the book is a compilation of some of what they received. And now, I’m online talking about the book which is culled from the site. So many layers!

From 2002 to 2009, Fletcher and July asked people to do things like make an encouraging banner, record the sound that is keeping you awake, take a flash photo under your bed, take a picture of your parents kissing, make a paper replica of your bed, and so on.

The results from these assignments are interesting, funny, sad, entertaining and give the spectator a tiny glimpse into someone else’s life. Usually with art, the viewer is trying to interpret what the artist is trying to convey using their own series of cues and learned ideas. With all of these things, the simple idea of each assignment is so clear that one isn’t left wondering what the artist was trying to accomplish. This makes each of the assignments both simple and complex and because of the nature of the work done, the project becomes a look at human behavior that becomes a map of how we are connected to each other.

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