It's typical Roberts an enjoyable read though a bit too formulated.

I don't know if it's due to reading two Roberts back to back or perhaps too much murder mystery but I wanted much more suspense and really didn't want Coop and Lil to get together so quickly. During their first real interaction since Coop moves to Black Hills he tells Lil to butt out of his life. A chapter later he's asking her dozens of questions and wanting to go help her tag an animal. It just seemed so off in comparison to how he previously reacted. I was hoping that things would be tense between the two before we got to the smoochies. I'm a firm believer that tension is what makes books. In romance, the happy ever after is a general given so make us beg for it a bit.

Plus, having Lil stand her ground a bit more would've been an extra point. We kept getting her thoughts on having to have a big talk with Coop but then she'd push it aside or want the smoochies. That rankled me and made me feel that this strong independent chic was a bit weak. Didn't feel right for the ground work that Roberts had laid prior.

Learning about cougars and other large cats was pretty cool and bit a heart-breaking to think of how many people try to domestic them. I found that element really interesting and makes me want to Google it. I do like when I can read a fictional book and gain some knowledge or get a jones for wanting to learn more about something.

For what the book was I really enjoyed it. I just wish that Roberts would stray a bit from her formula and added more tension.

lysar's rating:
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