I'm always happy when a random book, picked off the library shelves, turns out to be this good.

The warrior hero is Marcus, tired of war and wanting to keep his contract guarding a caravan he resorts to unusual measures.
Cithrin is part of this caravan and while Marcus is moved to offer her protection, she has secrets that could endanger them all.
Geder is a pawn in the politics of the Severed Throne but surprises them all with his drastic command.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The aspects relating to the economy of war and peace was nice to see in this type of book. I quite liked Marcus and his team but I found Cithrin very annoying. A girl who gets entrusted with the cargo she did, shouldn't have quite that many vices or breakdowns.
Still, interesting characters, good politics and the promise of more excitement to come had me ordering the next book in the series right away.

Eosos's rating:
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