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PeaceLilyWizard made a comment Jun 28 2018
"Not bad - much better than her other recent books. It could have been shorter. The mid-to-last third dragged. It was more an exploration of the two main characters that began when both were young. How events shaped who they each became. Much more ..." Permalink
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PeaceLilyWizard added a title to their For later shelf May 03 2018
The first in a trilogy, Grass Beyond the Mountains is a story of discovery and endurance on North America's western frontier by three good old-fashioned cowboys. With laconic cowboy humor and the ease of a born writer, Richmond Hobson describes...
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Apr 19 2018
What Lies Beneath
DVD - 2000
"Spoiler alert: What actually lies beneath is a pretty dumb movie." Permalink
PeaceLilyWizard made a comment Apr 06 2018
"Oversized type and double spaced to fill it out to typical novel length. Not much that is new if you watch RHOBH - superficial drivel." Permalink
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